Royal Ruskies

Royal Ruskies

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know us! We love to make new friends.

The Royals at home

Royal Ruskies

Welcome to our little blog spot! Our Mommy posts our adventures here along with some life lessons (don't ya just hate learning things the hard way) like do not chew on Mommy's favorite sandals. Mommy is brand new at this and is still learning how to blog so we have to help her sometimes. We are really good on the computer like Daddy.  We are half Russian Blue brothers. Our Mommy tells our whole story in our blog profile if you want to read about us. We also have a face book fan page (Mommy does not know how to do the blue link thing like we said she is really new at this LOL) But if you go to face book and type in   Royal Ruskies   it will come up and will say "personal blog" underneath. We are always looking to make new friends! We love dogs too!!!
                                                     Whiskers and Purrs,
                                                     Jake and Elwood
                                                   The Royal Ruskies

Monday, April 4, 2011

March was a busy month!

We turned 2 this month and did our first Charity and reached our goal! Our Mommy is still trying to figure out how this site works but today we added our hobbies and music and stuff. This first week in April will be a busy one! We have to do a photo shoot for Mommy for Easter cards (We even have these crazy Bunny ears Mommy got us!) Mommy tried to do it the other day but we were not in the mood so we messed up the sheet and props and made funny faces and Mommy got the hint! Basically all Mommy got was the back of our heads and buts!!! HEHEHEHE. Some times we like to make Mommy crazy because it makes us laugh! Daddy will be home on the next try so we will behave, plus we like to Mommy a break every now and then because we do keep her running!