Royal Ruskies

Royal Ruskies

Monday, April 4, 2011

March was a busy month!

We turned 2 this month and did our first Charity and reached our goal! Our Mommy is still trying to figure out how this site works but today we added our hobbies and music and stuff. This first week in April will be a busy one! We have to do a photo shoot for Mommy for Easter cards (We even have these crazy Bunny ears Mommy got us!) Mommy tried to do it the other day but we were not in the mood so we messed up the sheet and props and made funny faces and Mommy got the hint! Basically all Mommy got was the back of our heads and buts!!! HEHEHEHE. Some times we like to make Mommy crazy because it makes us laugh! Daddy will be home on the next try so we will behave, plus we like to Mommy a break every now and then because we do keep her running!

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