Royal Ruskies

Royal Ruskies

Friday, July 8, 2011

Loud scary bangs!

Well our Daddy and his friends like to blow up things for 4th of July but at least we have to give them the 4 paws up (not all 8 cause it was too loud!) for at least buying "BLACK CAT" fireworks hehehe. Mommy says our big brother Dichro was super brave and loved the 4th of July. He would sit and watch the big fireworks with Mommy through the dinning room window. I his memory Daddy lit a pretty sparkler in his memorial garden. It made Mommy and Daddy happy and sad at the same time. We know that even though it has been 2 years they still miss him like crazy. We were good boys and watched the sparkler too but then we hid when the big stuff came out! Mommy kept coming in to give us hugs and check on us!

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  1. he he - I is scared of the big loud bangy kind. I have to sit on D or M's lap then I'm not afraid if I'm with them.