Royal Ruskies

Royal Ruskies

Friday, July 1, 2011

Yikes SNAKE!!!!!!

We had a very exciting morning with Daddy! When Mommy was out shopping we found a snake in the dinning room and began to play with him!!! He seemed friendly, any ways Daddy took him away and freed him outside but we was sad cause we wanted to keep him but Daddy said Mommy would say no. We named him slippers cause he was slippery and moved really fast. Daddy research  and found out he was not poisonous and we said "See we told you he was friendly" but Daddy said he could still bite. :0(

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  1. YIKES - If M found a snake in our house she's pack her bags and move out. Snakes scare her to death. Good thing we live in a state where we don't get hardly any, and they don't slither into the house. You are very brave kitties.